Keno Home

CLT technology / Cross Laminated Timber

CLT (cross-laminated timber) is a load-bearing structural material in board form, made entirely of solid wood, and usually consists of 3, 5, or 7 layers of timber lamellas that are alternately cross-glued. This arrangement of layers ensures high strength in both directions and rigidity of the structure. The timber species used are mainly spruce and fir in strength class C24.

Due to the desire for climate neutrality, timber construction is increasingly in demand. CLT is becoming the technology of the 21st century. More and more wooden buildings are being constructed, such as schools kindergartens, hospitals, houses, high-rise buildings, and even petrol stations.

High quality

The CLT (cross-laminated timber) technology ensures high strength and structural rigidity. In addition, it is highly resistant to all kinds of shocks, elements, and pests. The houses we create are made of beautiful solid wood with a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation. They have a well-appointed space with a modern yet cozy finish. All aspects add up to quality; we provide a 10-year guarantee.


Why are our houses characterized by their complexity? Because we provide a full construction team when building them, and the production itself takes place indoors, in almost sterile conditions, where you don't have to worry about the weather affecting the construction deadline. What's more, you get a fully-furnished home, ready to move into in up to 4 months, which is automated, thanks to a Smart Home system, allowing full control from an app, which fits perfectly with the standards of sustainable homes of the future. 


Our offer allows you to equip your home with an integrated renewable energy system, resulting in lower electricity bills, and one team of specialists handling the entire production, translating into significantly lower costs. If required, we will assist you in finding favorable financing. Importantly, you receive a guarantee of price constancy once the contract is signed. KENO Home is part of the KENO Group, which has been operating on the market for 15 years and has a high level of capital, which guarantees a secure investment.

Closer to Nature

The house designs are created from environmentally friendly materials and adapted to renewable energy sources. They are characterized by low CO2 emissions and low H2O consumption during construction. In addition, our technology has a health-promoting effect on the body, so you can feel safe in the spaces we create for you.