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CLT timber buildings:

Ecology CLT technology fits perfectly into the standards for energy-efficient systems. Buildings made with CLT technology can easily achieve the requirements of an energy-efficient, passive, or even zero-energy building.

Airtightness is one of the most impermeable materials

Diffusion openness Solid wood panels regulate moisture levels

CLT timber construction slows down the impact of extreme temperatures caused by solar radiation through phase shifts. This is a huge advantage during hot summer days

CLT panels naturally control the humidity of the interior, keeping it constant throughout the year.

CLT structures, provide high fire protection, higher than typical steel or concrete structures. This is because in the event of a fire, the wood chars from the outside inwards. And the charred layer restricts the supply of oxygen, causing further combustion to proceed very slowly.

Wood does not emit electrostatic charges. This means that walls and floors do not electrify, and this significantly reduces the amount of dust in the interior.

Buildings with CLT are of high heat capacity, heating up more slowly in summer and cooling down more slowly in winter. This is known as phase shift.CLT panels are an excellent product for meeting the highest airtightness standards for passive buildings. They are one of the most impermeable building materials.

By choosing CLT technology:


We influence fewer CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

The construction industry is responsible for 38% of global CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The use of CLT wood reduces the carbon footprint.

We use less water.

Wood construction reduces water consumption by up to 70% compared to traditional construction.

We use less energy.

The production of a cubic meter of CLT wood requires significantly less energy (8-30 kWh) than the production of concrete (150-200 kWh).

Wood is the only renewable building material.

The wood used to produce CLT panels is sourced from certified afforestation, which does not destroy valuable timber stands.