VENNLIG house - large house with a two-car garage and a large terrace. Dedicated to families of 2+3.



The Vennling house is a large single-story house with a large terrace and a two-car garage. The usable area of the house is 155,9 m2 and the garage is 40.3m2, The living room, kitchen, and dining room an open spaces, full of light. This is where the heart of the house is located, with enough space to spend time together with family and friends. The four bedrooms and the dressing room allow you to find your corner and will provide privacy for each household member.


0.01 vestibule 5.23
0.02 utility room 5.20
0.03 dining room 29.51
0.04 bathroom 3.94
0.05 kitchen  10.30
0.06 room 9.15
0.07 room 9.15
0.08 room 9.15
0.09 living room 25.10
0.10 communication 3.36
0.11 bathroom 8.89
0.12 wardrobe  7.98
0.13 bedroom 28.94
total  155,9